Lifestyle Assessment and Treatment Plan with MD/Health Coach

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Dr. Vahid Yeganeh of Healthy Conditions, GLOBE parent and physician, is offering one lucky winner two 60-90 minute consultations to better their health. He is an MD, board certified by the American Boards of Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine respectively, has completed a certificate program in plant-based nutrition and is a certified health coach. The two part consults includde: 1. Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment & Physical Exam (60 mins) Initial consultation with medical doctor (board certified in lifestyle medicine, obesity medicine and family medicine). Comprehensive health history. Establish health goals. Physical exam. Order relevant lab tests (labs not included). 2. Individualized Health Analysis, Report & Treatment Plan (60 to 90 mins) Discuss current diagnoses (if any) Discuss current medications (if any) Discuss any new diagnoses discovered on first visit. Discuss lab results in detail. Review current health status. Discuss long term and short-term treatment goals. Discuss specific recommendations on each pillar of lifestyle medicine (Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Chronic Stress Reduction, Positive Social Connections, Avoidance of Toxic Substances).

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