Complete braces treatment from Dr. Green at Green Orthodontics

Item No. 402

Complete braces treatment from Dr. Green at Green Orthodontics for any new family to the practice! Green Orthodontics is located minutes from the Globe Academy in Decatur, GA. In addition to treating patients at his practice, Dr. Green serves as an assistant program director within Georgia training Orthodontic residents. Dr. Green is board certified by both the RCDC National Dental Specialty Examination and the American Board of Orthodontic. This includes: All diagnostic records and x-rays Orthodontic treatment with standard metal braces typically used in our practice, metal wires and any necessary appliances. One set of upper and lower clear Essix retainers. All appointments from braces application to removal. Retainer monitoring appointment at 3 months following removal of braces. This does not include: Invisalign or any other clear aligners Vivera retainers Replacement retainers Ceramic brackets Wild Smiles brackets Phase I early treatment Orthognathic surgical cases Oral surgery or extractions Dental cleanings and hygiene appointments Any other dental work outside of standard orthodontics such as fillings, bondings, crowns, veneers, root canals, implants, bleaching or any services rendered by providers outside of our practice. Further orthodontic re-treatment due to relapse for any reason

Category: Health and Beauty
Quantity: 1
Starting Bid: $2,200.00
Bid Increment: $100.00
Expiration Date: 2021-03-28
Restrictions: The end user of this certificate must be a new patient and not a patient of record in our practice. No insurance benefits can be used in conjunction with this certificate. No reimbursements will be made to the bearer of this certificate from the practice or the insurance company. This certificate is issued without prior knowledge of the complexity of the end user's case. No refunds will be issued if the case turns out to be a simple one. Conversely, no upcharges will be made if the case turns out to be a complex one. We agree to treat the bearer of this certificate to the best of our abilities and expect full compliance and cooperation with all instructions and oral hygiene. Successful orthodontics treatment requires exemplary patient compliance. Patient is expected to comply with all office policies and procedures. We reserve the right to terminate treatment if the end user of this certificate is not compliant with instructions needed to obtain a favorable outcome or if oral hygiene levels are poor enough that the teeth start to become stained or develop cavities. No refunds will be issued if treatment is terminated prior to completion for any reason. If the end user of this certificate moves away during treatment and needs to transfer care to another orthodontist, no refunds or payments to the new orthodontist will be issued for any reason. Treatment may only be rendered at Green Orthodontics in the Decatur, GA office location. It is not valid at other locations that our doctors may work.