Intro to Aerial Silks Class with Madame Daniel, Señora Daniel, 丹尼尔老师!

Item No. 742

ONE top bidder can invite 3 friends to meet Ms. Daniel at Inspire Aerial Arts on Saturday, May 4 at 4pm (drop off at 3:55). Introduction to Aerial Dance is a 60 minute class to introduce students to basic concepts of working with aerial fabrics. Students will be taught the basics of hanging, standing, and controlled transitions while working low to the ground. **(No previous knowledge required)**Please see Inspire Aerial Arts FAQs for specific questions about aerial silks and Inspire Aerial Arts: Parents should pick up at 5pm.

Category: Teacher Treasure
Quantity: 1
StartingBid: $50.00
BidIncrement: $15.00
Expiration Date: 2019-05-04
Restrictions: Saturday, May 4th only.