8th Grade Mr. Brantley's Class

Item No. 929

4 Years ago the 4th grade rising class of 2020 did a terrarium of Kool-Aid colored trees. Ready to shed their kiddie stage, they have added intellectual arts to the auction this year. Keeping with the boxdarts.com theme this collection is completely enclosed in glass and boasts a 3D views. Each homeroom is a theme and a separate item. Mr. Brantley’s Social Studies class is themed the Boston Tea Party. This is a glass block cube terrarium, with a naturalistic tree reindeer moss crown, real river birch bark trunk, real miniature porcelain tea cups and saucers rising up from the earthen floor. A lavender wire swirl supports the message “Boston Tea Party” spelled out in 3D gold block letters anchored by a white quartz stone and gold plated lavender stone crystal rock. Bonus: Homeroom students' signatures in gold, COVID-19 prevented the other classes signing.

Category: Class Collaborative Art
Quantity: 1
Starting Bid: $100.00
Bid Increment: $25.00